Kathleen Vestal Logan

Book Excellence Awards Program

How author and speaker gained visibility and media attention

Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Vestal Logan is the accomplished author of 2 books and an inspirational public speaker.

She is also a columnist for The Transition Network, a national organization for women over fifty, where she shares her expertise and shares her wisdom with readers.

As an active member in her community and sought-after thought leader, Kathleen lends her expertise by consulting with local businesses and organizations on a variety of topics including team building, communication, stress management, conflict management, leadership and positivity.

Kathleen’s book, Women’s Wisdom: Pass It On!, won a Book Excellence Award in the Personal Growth and Development category.

The book is a culmination of lessons learned throughout her life journey. It serves as a helpful friend and mentor to guide readers through life experiences, joys and difficulties, in an effort to help them benefit and live a better life.

“I’m fortunate to meet with many different groups of women, always with the goal to encourage them to picture, plan, and grow a fulfilling life.”

As a strong pillar in her community, Kathleen strives to encourage women to grow, learn and help each another reach their highest potential.

Challenges as an Author

Kathleen found that marketing her book was difficult.

“Marketing a book is a huge challenge (may I say painful?)”

Her marketing efforts included creating her own website, having a presence on Facebook, joining her local Gulf Coast Writers group, participating in local fairs and holding discussions at local stores.

Kathleen found that the best way to market and sell more books was to use in person events where she was invited to speak.

“My book sells best when I am invited to speak to groups or lead discussions on a specific topic.”

Kathleen decided to include the Book Excellence Awards in her marketing plan.

The program stood out to her as it offered guidance and support in the book marketing process.

“The people who run the awards seem genuinely interested in the writers. They continue to care about the authors and try to help them be successful.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Finalist

When Kathleen discovered she was a Book Excellence Award Finalist, she was:

“Just plain excited…thrilled!”

The Book Excellence Award helped Kathleen increase her visibility and opened doors to new media opportunities.

“I’ve received significant local and regional attention because of the award and have been invited to speak on several television and radio programs.”

The award also provided an advantage during in person events.

“What fun it is to be able to put the Book Excellence Awards FINALIST sticker on the book cover! It’s eye-catching and gives credibility to both the book and me. It also helps me stand out from the competition.”

Kathleen’s Success

Kathleen is a notable author whose work has been highly recommended by readers who call it:

“An inspirational read for women of all ages,”


“Wise and practical for any woman, no matter where she is in life.”

Kathleen’s success in marketing her book can be seen by her multiple media appearances on TV, Newspaper and Radio.

She has been interviewed by ABC, The Daily Brew, Blab TV, The Emerald Coast Magazine, Bella Magazine, The Gulf Breeze News, The Council on Aging, The Beachcomber Bookshelf, The NW Florida Daily News, The Pensacola News Journal and The Transition Network.

Kathleen has also had book signings at Barnes & Noble and was sponsored by a Merrill-Lynch adviser for a private book launch event. She was invited to participate in the “Artists and Authors” event at a local public library and was featured as the keynote speaker on women’s wisdom at the Power of E3 Conference which aims to educate, enlighten and empower women.

With a mission to serve and empower women, Kathleen has also shared her wisdom at rotary clubs, libraries, bookstores, gift shops, and churches and universities.

The best way to contact Kathleen is by visiting her website, or through email.

To get your copy of her book, visit Amazon.

Kathleen’s Advice

Kathleen provides advice for other authors and publishers considering entering the Book Excellence Awards:

“Being recognized by Book Excellence Awards is a very positive experience, one that validates your skill as a writer and provides continuing opportunities for support and marketing. It is absolutely worth the investment of time and money.”

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