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How author and entrepreneur gained recognition and credibility

Meet Ky-Lee

Ky-Lee Hanson is an international best-selling author, business mentor, and a multi six-figure business owner. She has authored 5 books with plans to write and publish more. She is the founder and director of Golden Brick Road Publishing, a female owned, and operated publishing house dedicated to empowering women to elevate their careers by sharing their stories with the world. Ky-Lee is the living definition of the term Bosswoman. In just 2 years, she has grown her business to six figures and has helped hundreds of authors.

From an early age, Ky-Lee loved to write and was aware of the power in her words. With an innate ability to convey strong messages and emotion, she was encouraged to write books and teach life lessons through the written word. Ky-lee is truly an inspirational, community driven leader whose mission is to better the world. Her underlying motivation behind her endeavors is to help people succeed.

Ky-Lee’s book, “Dear Limits, Get Out of My Way,” received a Book Excellence Award in the Personal Growth and Development category. The book encourages people to live their best lives by challenging social norms, facing their fears head on and re-framing the way they see limitations. The book explores the notion:

“What if the very thing standing in our way, is actually our golden opportunity?”

Challenges as an Author

As an author, Ky-Lee understood that book marketing was no small feat. She found that many of the marketing opportunities she pursued were ineffective and did not yield the results she had hoped for.

“There were many opportunities that were financially draining, and a lot of services that didn’t help us stand out.”

In general, marketing and publicity programs can cost thousands of dollars and can be difficult to justify when a return on investment is not guaranteed. Ky-Lee chose to include the Book Excellence Awards in her marketing journey because she appreciated the guidance and support the program offered.

“I like that the awards committee was responsive to me and encouraging of authors…I feel they truly want to help authors be able to step out and shine.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Winner

Learning about her Book Excellence Award win was an exciting experience for

“I was so happy that our book touched people in the way it was meant to.”

The award gave Ky-Lee increased visibility and credibility. She was also able to share her well-deserved recognition and success with her publishing house.

“I have been able to let all my authors share in the fact that we are an award-winning publishing house. This is something we can all celebrate!”

Ky-Lee’s Success

Ky-Lee’s success is a testament to her hard work and passion for helping people succeed. Her book became an Amazon best-seller with readers praising her advice.

“This book is amazing for anyone that is struggling with self-esteem, relationships, career! Reading it allowed me to see that I could be more confident in my life which is something I was really struggling with. Thank you for writing this!”

Ky-Lee’s work has also been featured in media such as The Write Coach, Toronto Caribbean, Influence Magazine and Holl & Lane Magazine.


As a thought leader in the industry, Ky-Lee has been invited to speak at events such as the Life Intentionally Summit and the Great Canadian Woman Summit, an event designed specifically for today’s brightest women ready to live their life by design.


She has been able to expand her reach through book signings, and for her business and leadership skills, Ky-Lee was also nominated for a FedEx small business grant.

In the last 12 months she has supported Canadian charitable organizations such as where she funded the build of a community library on an Indigenous reserve, and is working with Mama’s For Mama’s, Future Aces, and Kitz4kids.

Ky-Lee’s journey has just begun, and the sky is the limit for this successful author and entrepreneur.

To get in contact with Ky-Lee, you can e-mail her, visit her website or connect with her on social media. To purchase her book, visit her website and use coupon code: kylee20 to get 20% OFF the book.

Ky-Lee’s Advice

Ky-Lee highly recommends entering the Book Excellence Awards. She also suggests reviewing the full list of categories before submitting your application in order to improve the chances of success.

“I would say go for it! Know your categories and apply.”

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