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Leverage The Power of Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest bookstore with over 400 million active customers that are ready to buy.

So the question is…

How can you leverage Amazon to reach more people and sell more books?

The answer?

Tap into Amazon’s algorithm.

Once you do this, Amazon will do the heavy lifting for you to help you sell more books….

…because Amazon wants to promote what is already popular because that means more sales for them too!

So…you may be asking yourself…“How can I do this”?

One of the best ways to get Amazon to notice your book is to…

Become a best seller.

But, it can take years of time, money and significant personal investment to get there.

So, we knew there had to be a better way…

…That’s why we developed this program.

We have a proven process that works for any book, in any genre.

We do ALL the work for you to help you position your book for long term success on Amazon and become a best seller…guaranteed.

What You’ll Learn

How to get your book in the hands of millions of readers

5 key factors you need to know to make your book irresistible to buyers

How to work with others to 10x your book sales and create a passive, reliable income stream for yourself

Success Stories

“After using the Book Excellence services, all my books made several Amazon Best Seller lists. They’re personalized, affordable, and extremely effective .”– Lorraine E.

“Without your guidance, it would have never broken through into so many new categories. Thirteen!…The team was so impressive that I signed up for other books.– Robert D.

“The Book Excellence team helped me to get to #1 on Amazon in several categories with both books…it’s an investment that pays for itself.” – Susan S.

“You will learn a lot from them. The Book Excellence team delivered what they promised ahead of schedule.” – Frank D.

The program promised results – and it achieved them…My book hit the number one position in several categories and within the top five in several others. It gave me a wonderful sense of success.
– Laurenn B.

“My book hit the #1 spot in 3 categories. It’s animated me with a feeling of being more a part of people. The Book Excellence team inspires me with their tact, wisdom and good will I’ll always cherish.”
– Steve J.

“The team helped my book look professional and provided valuable advice on marketing. My book hit #1 in multiple categories. It has increased visibility, credibility and awareness of the book.”
– Diana L.

“I am ecstatic to be an Amazon #1 Bestseller. I am known by readers and other writers as someone who is out there succeeding and my book sales are steady…the best was the promised Amazon #1 Bestseller rankings. I got value for my money in various ways.
– Elaine C.

“This is so amazing! I am so excited, what an awesome feat! I’m so pleased with the results.” – Maureen S.

“Amazing! Thank you all for your excellent work.” – Tony S.

“I am beyond excited and grateful that Appearances is an Amazon Best Seller!” – Sondra H.

“It’s very exciting to see my book sitting at the #1 spot. I’m overjoyed…that this will bring great recognition to it.” – K.L.

The sales increased a lot.

That’s great news! – Adriana G.

“I am pleased with the number of #1 Rankings and the reviews. ” – Thoren S.

“It feels amazing! Thank you! I’m excited to share the great news! I am very excited about my best seller title, and I will be using it for marketing for quite some time.” – Karen H.

The rankings have definitely increased. Positioning for top spots was good, gives me more credibility as a writer.” – H.H.

This so great!!! Thank you!!! You guys did a an amazing job! Thank you again! – A.D.

“Awesome! My FB & Instagram pages are blowing up with more people liking and complimenting me everyday.– Dean E.

“I’m definitely pleased to be on the Amazon Best Seller lists. I appreciate all the hard work you and your team have done to make this happen. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you!” – Jane T.

“It has helped me to analyze my current pricing and try to position my book in the marketplace. It is a good experience and I learned quite a bit from it.– Bill T.

Thank you again. It does feel good. Please pass along my thanks to everyone who’s helped out with this. You guys are awesome.– F. Scott

“What you are doing is working. We are again #1 in at least 3 categories. It feels great to be a best seller!” – Grahame S.

“The Book Excellence team are good folks to work with. They stay in touch and follow through. They accomplish what they promise.– Joel M.

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