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An international book awards competition dedicated to helping authors and publishers
increase their credibility, visibility and book sales.

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Gain recognition through our internationally recognized book awards competition

Previous Winners and Finalists of the Book Excellence Awards have doubled their book sales, garnered attention from film producers, received distribution in book stores and increased their visibility and media attention.

The Book Excellence Awards provides authors and publishers with extended support and resources in topics such as publishing, marketing, writing, publicity and social media. If you are named a Winner or Finalist of the Book Excellence Awards, you will receive access to resources, templates, and tools to ensure your success.
The Book Excellence Awards is a smart investment on your publishing journey and the results and benefits will last a lifetime!

Trusted by Authors & Publishers Around the World

Trusted by Authors & Publishers Around the World

Discover Book Excellence Award-Winning Celebrities,
Experts and Authors Around the World

Kobe Bryant

Lucinda Brant

Phoebe Robinson

Laura Huang

E.S. Alexander

Joseph Alton, M.D. and Amy Alton, ARNP

Jo Miller

Howard Tiersky

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book award competition

What is a book award?

Book awards are not only a wonderful honor, but for self-published and traditionally published books alike, they can help you grow your audience, attract new readers, increase your media attention, skyrocket your book sales and more.

Best of all, readers are attracted to award-winning books, so this accolade can help you stand out from the millions of other books out there.

No matter if you’re just starting as a first-time, self-published author, or you’ve established yourself as a USA Today or New York Times’ bestseller, a book award can help you at any stage of your career.

Why should I apply?

A book award is an asset you can use for the lifetime of your career as an author.

Authors who have received a Book Excellence Award have garnered new and exciting opportunities. They have:

• Become best sellers
• Doubled their book sales
• Garnered attention from film producers
• Received distribution in book stores
• Increased their visibility
• Garnered national media attention

And more!

Authors We’ve Worked With Have Been Featured In:

Authors We’ve Worked With Have Been Featured In:

We’ve Helped 2,500+ Authors & Publishers

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Applying is easy. Just follow the simple steps below:

Ensure Your Book Is Eligibile

All books submitted to the Book Excellence Awards must have an ISBN or ASIN and be written in English.

There is no publication date restriction.

Select Your Categories

Select the number of categories you would like to enter your book into.

You can find a full list here.

Submit Your Application

To complete your application, you will need to provide your contact information, book title, book files and book cover image.

You have a chance to win thousands in prizes!

Learn more about the prizes all Winners and Finalists receive:

Book Excellence Awards Promotional Package

Winners and finalists receive high quality digital award seals they can use to highlight their award on their book cover, website, social media and other marketing materials. These high-resolution digital seals can be used online and in print materials.

Custom Award Listing

Winners and finalists receive a full-page custom award listing that includes detailed information about their book to raise their profile among our regular website visitors including book buyers, publishers, librarians, literary agents and other industry professionals.

Author Showcase

Our winners and finalists receive an in-depth author showcase where we interview and feature them alongside our entire cohort of award-winning authors. We make their work stand out with their own personal page they can share with readers, industry professionals, media and more.

International Exposure

Each winner and finalist will receive a personalized award announcement on our social media platforms shared with our network of thousands of authors and publishers around the world. In addition, winners will be featured on and highlighted prominently in our newsletter, which goes out to more than 25,000 worldwide.

Done For You Marketing Templates

We help our winners and finalists save time and money by providing professionally designed templates for print materials and social media. These winning designs can be customized to match their unique branding to have a lasting impact in the eyes of readers and industry professionals alike.

Guided Coaching

A step-by-step system that takes winners and finalists by the hand and teaches them the principles and strategies needed to successfully market their book award. With easy to implement strategies, winners and finalists can see results after the first coaching session!

Book Excellence Awards Program FAQ

Am I Eligible To Apply?
All books submitted to the Book Excellence Awards must meet the following criteria:

– Have an ISBN or ASIN
– Written in English

Please note: There is no publication date requirement.

What Do I Receive If I Win?

The Book Excellence Awards Prize Package Includes:

  • ​Book Excellence Awards Coaching Program
  • The Book Excellence Awards Promotional Package
  • Custom Award Listing and Author Showcase
  • International Exposure to 25,000+ Audience
  • Done For You Marketing Templates

What Happens If I Don’t Win?

Applicants who are not named Winners or Finalists are provided with complimentary book marketing resources, so they have the tools they need to progress with their career as an author.

In this way, there’s no risk!

You will still receive valuable marketing support to help you succeed with book marketing.

Can I Enter More Than 1 Category?

Yes, you many submit your book into multiple categories. Each category is evaluated individually, increasing your odds of winning.

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