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Book Excellence Awards Program

How healthcare expert gained well-deserved recognition

Meet Eric

Eric Parmenter is a published author and national healthcare industry expert committed to helping people reduce stress and achieve greater joy.

As a respected thought leader in the hospital health system industry, Eric serves as the national leader of direct provider solutions for Collective Health. His mission is to change the health of the nation by changing the way healthcare is delivered.

Eric’s book, STOP! 21 Stops to Reduce Stress and Enhance Joy, received a Book Excellence Award in the Self-Help category.

The book blends Eric’s 30+ years of experience as an advisor to employers on wellness and health benefits with heart-warming personal stories to illustrate how individuals can accomplish more by doing less.

Based on principles of behavioral science, neuroscience and positive psychology, the book offers insights into removing barriers that hold us back in order to live a more purposeful life.

Challenges as an Author

With the staggering increase in books published each year, many authors find it challenging to differentiate themselves and market their books effectively.

Many authors begin the process by sharing their books online.

Similarly, Eric promoted his book on his website and social media platforms; however, he experienced mixed results.

Searching for a way to gain visibility, Eric wanted his book to reach more readers so their lives could be positively impacted by his pragmatic, timely message.

“I’ve always wanted to write a book and this book is about my passion. STOP! reminds us all that we can, and should, step back and regain our control. It also gives useful ideas not just about what to STOP! but what to start instead.”

Becoming a Book Excellence Award Finalist

When Eric discovered he had won a Book Excellence Award, he was very excited.

He used the award seal as a marketing tool to help his book stand out among readers.

“It was great to have the emblem on the book.”

An award seal can go a long way in helping readers identify and select high quality books, because, despite the age-old adage, readers often do judge a book by its cover.

Eric’s Success

The reaction to Eric’s book has been overwhelmingly positive.

Many readers have shared positive reviews of the book, highlighting its inspiring, thoughtful message.

One reviewer writes:

“I highly recommend this carefully written, high energy, mind engaging book to anyone who wants to stop the things in life that hinder the experience of a life of true joy.”

The book has also been endorsed by numerous experts including New York Times bestselling authors, Marshall Goldsmith and Adam Grant.

Eric is frequently invited as a keynote speaker to conferences, events and universities to share how focusing on top priorities can help individuals and organizations accelerate their performance.

For his unique insights linking behavioral science to discovering joy, well-being, and purpose, Eric has been featured in major media publications including Fox Business, Inc. and Reuters.

To contact Eric, you can visit his website or send him an email.

To purchase his book, visit Amazon.

Eric’s Advice

For authors who are thinking about entering the Book Excellence Awards, Eric’s advice is clear and simple:

“Definitely apply.”

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