Get Lifetime Access To The Honoree Coaching Program

Your acess to the Honoree Coaching Program is expiring. If you would like to extend your access and receive over $600 in savings, you have until August 31st, 2022.

Previous Book Excellence Award Winners and Finalists have used the coaching program to:

  • Increase their book sales,
  • Grow their social media following,
  • Garner media and speaking engagements,
  • Get distribution in bookstores,
  • and more!

Here’s What’s Included:

  • 8 In-Depth Training Videos
  • 20+ social media graphics to use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more!
  • Copy and paste email and blog post templates
  • Easy to use website banner images
  • All future updates to the coaching program
  • $600 in discounts off of our done for you bestseller and publicity programs


Billed Annually

Why Do I Need This?

If you can answer YES to any of the following scenarios, you may wish to consider extending your access:

“I missed some of the trainings and wasn’t able to watch some as yet”

“I wanted to re-watch my favorite trainings at my convenience”

“I wanted access to future updates to the program to ensure I have the most recent, up to to date information.”

You’ll also get access to all of the exclusive bonuses and done for you program discounts.

Learn More About What You’ll Receive:

In-Depth Training Videos

A step by step system that takes you buy the hand so you can learn the principles and strategies you need to successfully market your book and award.

20+ Social Media Graphics

Use these images to grow your following and engagement on the most popular social media platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Goodreads, YouTube and more.

Copy and Paste Templates

Use these blog and email newsletter templates to connect with readers, publishing industry professionals, partners and more.

Website Banner Images

Ready to post images you can use on your website including a hero image, leader board image, half page image and square image.

Future Updates & Upgrades

You will receive access to future updates to the program to ensure you have the most recent, up to to date information.

$600 in Discounts & Promotions

You’ll receive $500 OFF our Amazon Best Seller Program and $100 OFF our Done For You PR Program.

Success Stories

My website traffic picked up with media requests from all over the globe.

Sharon Schweitzer

It’s enabled me to get a lot more radio and podcast interviews. It’s gotten people to see me and my work in a whole different light.

G. Brian Benson

I’ve been grateful for the additional showing to their expansive audience.

Alexa Bigwarfe

PLUS, You’ll Also Receive Over $297 in Bonus Resource Guides

Simple Ways To Get Readers to Market Your Book For You
Put Your Social Media on Auto-Pilot Without Losing Engagement
Top 25 Types of Social Media Posts To Increase Your Social Media Following
30+ Author Events To Connect With Readers & Industry Professionals
Global Marketing and Promotions Guide

Success Stories

My book sales have doubled & I’ve got 3 speaking engagements.

Karen Harmon

Boosted my credibility and allowed me to become a best-selling author.

H.J. Chammas

My sales doubled…many flattering reviews from small periodicals, bloggers, and posted on

Christina Britton Conroy

I’ve enjoyed increased recognition as an authority on writing and increased sales. The videos in the coaching program were easy to follow and contained many good prompts and ideas.

Bethany Maines

The support materials provided to winners goes well beyond what many other reputable contests provide.

David Gordon

The Book Excellence Awards provided numerous advantages that far exceeded other programs…the marketing support & coaching provided me with tools to bring my sales and exposure to the next level.

Patricia Brusha

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Need To Pay the Fee Yearly?

No, this is a one time fee and will not be charged again!


Why Is There Only 3-Months Access Provided?

The honorees that have had success with the coaching program implement the steps outlined within 2-3 days of each video releasing. This means they complete the program within 2 months. Honorees that complete the program have seen tremendous success and tangible, positive benefits such as increased sales, visibility, media coverage, distribution in book stores, and more.

We have introduced this deadline to encourage you to implement the steps outlined in the program faster so you can see the results faster as well. Although the program can be completed within ~2 months, we provide 1 additional month of access to accommodate busy schedules.

If you would like access to the coaching program forever, this is also an option.


What Happens After I Purchase This?

After you submit your order, you’ll receive an email with a confirmation of your purchase and instructions on how to access the coaching program for a lifetime. Follow the step by step instructions to access all of the content and any bonus content.


How many books can I promote with this resource?

You are able to use this content for any book that has been selected as a Book Excellence Award Winner or Finalist – 1, 2, 5…you get the point!


What If I Have A Question Or Need Support?

We are here to help. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.