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“A must for authors to increase their visibility and credibility”

The Book Excellence Awards are a must if you are an author who wants to get more visibility, credibility, and publicity for your book and your work. – Tony S.

“My Book Sales Increased”

“The Book Excellence Awards is more than your regular book awards, they’re there to help promote and push your book to further heights. My book sales increased after the Book Excellence Awards Program took me under their wing.” – Carole R.

“Increased recognition & sales”

The Book Excellence Awards stands out from other awards programs through their…detailed coaching and recognition on multiple platforms. After winning, I’ve enjoyed increased recognition as an authority on writing and increased sales. The videos in the coaching program were easy to follow and contained many good prompts and ideas. – Bethany M.

“Support materials go beyond”

The Book Excellence Awards has been a stellar experience!…The support materials provided to winners goes well beyond what many other reputable contests provide. – David G.

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Previous Authors Have Been Able To:

Double their book sales

Get distribution in book stores

Garner attention from film producers

Garner media attention

Receive invitations to speak

Increase their visibility

How Book Excellence Award Winners Used Their Award to Skyrocket Their Success

“Increased online following and readership with marketing tools”

Winning a Book Excellence Award has given me much greater confidence and the ability to share with other authors on internet platforms and on YouTube videos. My media presence has increased as well. I’ve done TV interviews with Linda Marie Frank on The Writer’s Dream and podcasts with Dave Farrow of Brain Hackers. If you are fortunate enough to win a book excellence award you will be awarded the tools needed for a successful writing career. – Barbara M.

“Allowed me to get my book into bookstores”

The awards program gave me a thorough education in how to market my book while also providing an important independent recognition as I speak with bookstores and other selling avenues. Winning the award certainly allowed me to get my book into bookstores that may not have otherwise considered it, and it also resulted in an upcoming review in a leading national Australian magazine. A valuable source of insight into the book marketing process with a great action plan to actually get the book sold. – Lachlan H.

“Received over 10,000 views”

The Book Excellence Awards helps writers build awareness, followers and ultimately success. Receiving a Book Excellence Award instantaneously gave me exposure and credibility I would not have received otherwise. I posted my award on LinkedIn and received over 10,000 views and 100 likes from people all over the world. – Pete C.

“My sales doubled since winning”

My sales doubled since winning the Book Excellence Award. Many flattering reviews from small periodicals, bloggers, and posted on Amazon.com. – Christina C.

“The coaching program was very extensive”

The Book Excellence Award sticker, says a lot and placed on the cover gives a whole new dimension to your book! It is well worth the time and money to help attract ‘buzz’ and increased conversation, leading to ultimate sales of the book! I found the coaching program to be very extensive…it was helpful in some areas for me, and more than any other program I had entered. – Kay J.

“Provided me with tools to bring my sales and exposure to the next level”

The Book Excellence Awards provided numerous advantages that far exceeded other programs…the marketing support & coaching provided me with tools to bring my sales and exposure to the next level. – Patricia B.

“Helped me increase my book’s exposure”

I have found this program to be the most helpful in helping me get exposure, which translates to increased exposure for my book. The coaching program helped me focus on raising awareness, and I can see a difference. – Karen R.

“Had a resurgence in sales and publicity”

As a part of receiving this award, I have had a resurgence in the sales of my book, I have received publicity and acceptance, and also a great deal of respect from people around me who now realize that I’m a serious author…the benefits that you get are incredible and the coaching program is outstanding. – Cynthya P.

“A wealth of practical marketing information”

The Book Excellence Awards program provided me with a wealth of practical marketing information and promotional materials (both visual and written) that have helped my book stand out. – Christine C.

“The Book Marketing Course was extremely valuable”

The Book Excellence Awards is a wonderful support and promotional tool for indie authors. I researched many awards programs, and I was impressed by what the Book Excellence Awards had to offer its award-winning authors. The Book Marketing Course was extremely valuable, and I am excited to access the marketing resources in the days and weeks ahead. – Michelle R.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Eligible To Apply?
All books submitted to the Book Excellence Awards must meet the following criteria:

– Have an ISBN or ASIN
– Written in English

Please note: There is no publication date requirement.

What Do I Receive If I Win?

The Book Excellence Awards Prize Package Includes:

  • ​Book Excellence Awards Coaching Program
  • The Book Excellence Awards Promotional Package
  • Custom Award Listing and Author Showcase
  • ​International Exposure to 25,000+ Audience
  • Done For You Marketing Templates

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