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How artist and speaker hit the #1 spot on the Best Seller List for 2 books

Meet Susan

Susan Sharp is an author, abstract artist and speaker with a passion for helping others understand and utilize all of their creative potential. Through a combination of years of work as a theatre professor, a personal study on creativity as well as her own involvement in numerous creative pursuits, Susan understands that creativity doesn’t just happen–it is cultivated, nurtured and practiced.
Susan worked with Book Excellence to promote two of her books in completely different genres: Mid-Life Wisdom, a self-discovery journal to help readers survive and thrive in mid-life, and, The Farty Boys, a humorous children’s mystery novel.
Challenges as an Author
With a mission to help others develop their creativity and step into their own greatness, Susan’s goals were commendable. However, finding readers and standing out among the millions of books on the shelf became a clear barrier.

“I underestimated the difficulty in reaching sales goals with my book. Sales = reach, and I wanted to reach a lot of people with a positive message. I struggled to get my first non-fiction book, Mid-Life Wisdom, the kind of sales I knew it should have.”

As a first-time author, Susan found it challenging to connect with readers and gain traction so she was unable to hit major bestseller lists.

“There are things I didn’t know about the publishing world so my efforts to be an Amazon bestseller weren’t greatly successful.”

However, Susan knew that becoming a bestseller would help her drive awareness and sales for her book. She knew the title would help her achieve the greater impact she was looking for.

“Who doesn’t want best-seller behind their name? The title offers a layer of credibility to your resume.”

How Book Excellence Helped Susan Become A Best Seller

The Book Excellence team carried out a full marketing and promotional campaign for each title, following our proven process of positioning each book for success and then promoting it to a large, targeted audience of readers to increase sales and hit the best seller list.

We helped Susan optimize key elements of her books—making adjustments to her book title, covers, description, keywords, categories and price.

“The Book Excellence Team helped my writing to sell better. It starts with a great product, but it finishes with measurable impact and increased sales.”

As a result of the Book Excellence team’s marketing efforts, Mid-Life Wisdom hit the #1 spot in 9 categories, outselling New York Times’ bestsellers such as The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown and well-known celebrities such as Creativity by John Cleese.

“The Book Excellence team helped me to get to #1 on Amazon in several categories with both books.”

The Farty Boys also hit the #1 spot in the Children’s Detective category, outselling titles published by major publishers including The Secret Zoo, published by an imprint of Harper Collins and The Naturals, published by Little Brown Books.
Best of all, the Book Excellence team taught Susan the full process of launching a book to the bestseller list so she was able to establish a strong foundation for continued success in the future.

“Once you understand how the publishing and marketing process works, it will help you to write more marketable titles in the future; it’s an investment that pays for itself.”

Susan’s Success

With multiple bestselling books under her belt, Susan is viewed as a credible authority in the market. She has been featured in major media publications including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX news outlets. She has also been profiled in major business and lifestyle publications including: USA Today, MarketWatch and popular radio and podcast networks.
As a sought-after keynote speaker and podcast guest, Susan uses creativity as a tool to help corporations and individuals navigate burnout and change management. Her blend of humor and ease of presentation makes her talks about her upbringing, creative process, career and passion for understanding our creative potential, that much more powerful.

A multi-faceted talent, Susan’s art has also been featured on the set of Season 7 of Netflix’s hit show, Orange is The New Black.

For more information about Susan, you can visit her website or connect with her on social media.

To purchase her books, visit Amazon.

Susan’s Experience

For authors interested in working with Book Excellence to make their own books bestsellers, Susan recommends the program:

“The team made the entire process easy and provided justifications for the actions to be taken. They were also responsive to my creative input and changes. I achieved #1 [on the bestseller list] in several categories with both books.”

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