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How worldwide traveller & author hit the #1 spot in 13 categories on the Amazon Best Seller List

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Meet Robert

Robert Louis DeMayo is a prolific author, with work spanning historical fiction, non-fiction travel stories and mysteries. Robert’s novels include: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt, The Light Behind Blue Circles, The Wayward Traveler, Pledge to the Wind, The Legend of Everett Ruess, The Road to Sedona, The King of the Coral Sea, The Sirens of Oak Creek and Pithecophilia.

Collectively, his novels have won nine national awards.

Robert worked with Book Excellence to promote his several of his titles including Pithecophilia, The Sirens of Oak Creek and The King of the Coral Sea. In this success story, we’ll go over the process we used to help Robert launch Pithecophilia to the #1 spot in 13 categories on the Amazon bestseller list.

Filled with touching memories, humorous anecdotes, and over fifty years of wondrous, magical, and sometimes terrifying experiences, Pithecophilia recounts the powerful true story of Robert’s mission to unravel the mysteries of the world’s primates.

Challenges as an Author

Written during COVID-19, Pithecophilia was written to inspire hope and wanderlust in readers during a time of global uncertainty, devastation and change.

However, finding an audience for the book proved to be a challenge.

“My latest novel has a lot of scientific data and is in several new genres for me. I circulated it within the groups of scientists I know and got great feedback but didn’t know how to translate that into the online reading platforms.”
So, Robert enlisted the support of the Book Excellence team to help him in accomplishing his book marketing goals.

“I’m a bit of a perfectionist and have spent the last ten years writing (and rewriting) eight books. In the end, I felt I had great products, but they lacked in the areas that could make them marketable (like good ad copy, proper category listings, keywords, etc.). The Amazon Best Seller program addressed them admirably.”

How Book Excellence Helped Robert Become A Best Seller

The Book Excellence team carried out a full promotional campaign to position Robert’s book for success and promote his work to a large audience of readers. We worked with Robert to help him understand how to identify his target audience and showcase his book in a way that would appeal to them. We optimized his listing on Amazon and explained our systems and processes, so Robert was better educated and inducted into the world of book marketing.

“The Book Excellence staff made me quickly grasp just how much about book marketing that I didn’t know. By solidly placing in relevant categories I feel the book now has some good legs to stand on, and I can rely on that when marketing rather than trying to pitch it myself.”

Robert’s Success

Becoming a best seller helped increase the awareness of Robert’s book, his audience size and book sales. It also gave him the recognition he wholeheartedly deserved.

“I felt pretty damn awesome! My book hit the #1 spot in 13 categories…the increased ranking has given my book credibility.”

Positive reviews continue to pour in for Robert with a loyal and engaged fanbase of readers calling his books:

“This book would makean inspiring gift for any young person who is a fan of Steve Irwin,David Attenborough—or Indiana Jones.”


“One can live vicariously through DeMayo in the comforts of home with a mind extended into the wild, courtesy of a wonderful book that was difficult to put down.”

A true adventurer at heart, Robert has traveled to every corner of the globe, experiencing approximately one hundred countries. During his travels he worked extensively for the travel section of The Telegraph, out of Nashua, NH, and the Hollis Times.
He is also a member of The Explorers Club, where his books have been featured and celebrated. A professional society dedicated to promoting scientific exploration, former members include Jane Goodall, Charles Lindberg, Buzz Aldrin, Sylvia Earle and more.

To learn more about Robert, you can visit his website or connect with him on social media.

To purchase a copy of his book, visit Amazon.

Robert’s Advice

For authors interested in working with Book Excellence to make their own books bestsellers, Robert recommends the program:

“Initially, I thought I’d use their services once, learn what I could, and then duplicate their techniques with my other books. But in the end, they were so impressive that I signed up for other books.”

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