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How children’s book author hit the #1 spot in 5 categories on the Amazon Best Seller List

Meet Laurenn

Laurenn Prater Barker is a multi-talented author, artist and illustrator, having produced more than 10 books and 100 publications. Her books teach children positive values in simple, fun, non-threatening ways, encompassing research on child development and psychology to empower children to become caring, responsible people.

Laurenn worked with Book Excellence to promote her book, A Birthday Party for Mother Earth. The story follows the main character, Lae Lae, and her friends from all over the world, who decide to throw a birthday party for Mother Earth to celebrate all she has given us.

Challenges as an Author
Like many authors, Laurenn’s main challenge when it came to book marketing was finding a way for her book to stand out from the thousands of other children’s books available.

“Everyone wants to write a children’s book and my challenge was to make mine different and appealing. I did not know how to navigate the world of book publishing.”

Laurenn’s goals were multi-fold: to gain recognition for her contributions to children’s teachings and wellbeing and develop a following for her work.

She knew that a bestselling title would not only help her increase her credibility as an author, but also help her stand out from other children’s books.

However, having attempted to hit bestseller lists before and being unsuccessful, she didn’t know where to start.

“I considered the Amazon Best Sellers list to be unattainable.”

Laurenn didn’t give up though.

She was determined to ensure her books received the acclaim and attention they deserved and knew that becoming a bestselling author would help her reach more readers, so more children and caregivers could benefit from each of her book’s diverse, educational and inspirational themes.

How Book Excellence Helped Laurenn Become A Best Seller

Laurenn tasked Book Excellence with launching her book to the Amazon Best Seller list and was comforted by the lifetime guarantee the program offered.

“The program promised results – and it achieved them…they knew how to do what I did not with Amazon.”

The Book Excellence team worked with Laurenn to optimize different elements of her listing on Amazon including her book description, keywords, categories and price. The goal was to position her book in a way that would help it stand out and capture her readers’ attention.

“The Book Excellence staff worked very diligently and cooperatively with me, had many good ideas and incorporated my ideas as well…they were prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and professional.”

The Book Excellence team then promoted Laurenn’s book to a large audience of readers, and after the positioning process was complete, we knew the book would be met with a positive response.

“My book hit the number one position in several categories and within the top five in several others. It gave me a wonderful sense of success.”

As a result of the Book Excellence team’s marketing efforts, A Birthday Party for Mother Earth made it on 11 best-seller lists, including hitting the #1 spot in 7 categories, outselling New York Times’ bestsellers such as Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry and well-known brands such as Pinkalicious and the Flower Fairy by Victoria Kann.

Laurenn’s Success

Becoming a best seller helped increase the awareness of Laurenn’s book, her audience size and book sales. It also gave her the recognition she wholeheartedly deserved.

“It has given me credibility and visibility.”

Positive reviews continue to pour in for Laurenn with a loyal and engaged fanbase of readers calling her books:

“A must read…a beautiful combination of tips and strategies that encourage you to shift your mindset, claim your power as a writer and dig down deep to find the courage to move forward and share your words.”


“Sweet, wholesome and engaging…with many educational activities and facts to learn.”

Laurenn has over 30 years of experience working with and for children in her training and advocacy, and expressive arts therapy. She has served on the boards of several organizations dedicated to child and family welfare across the United States.
She has appeared in major media publications including San Diego Woman and 92011magazine, and received numerous awards for her work including the Family Choice Award and the Book Excellence Award.
Active in the literary community, Laurenn is also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Publishers and Writers of San Diego, the Independent Book Publishers Association and was a previous member of the Greater San Diego Reading Association.

To learn more about Laurenn, you can visit her website, connect with her on social media or send her an e-mail.

To purchase a copy of her book, visit Amazon or on the Lae Lae website at

Laurenn’s Advice

To authors thinking of joining the Book Excellence Best Seller Program, Laurenn says:

“The Book Excellence team is very professional and delivered on what they promised.”

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